• Claud Cui , TP-Link

    Claud Cui , TP-Link

    Financial Manager

    Founded in 1996, TP-Link is a global company that provides reliable network devices and accessories for people’s daily lives. We provide network products to more than 1 billion users in more than 170 countries around the world, and in 2022, we won the world’s No. 1 wireless LAN equipment provider for the 11th consecutive year.

    We operate globally and needed a partner with international accounting skills. They have a high level of Japanese tax expertise and hospitality that matched our needs.

    They can communicate in English and support our business successfully by their professional knowledge and useful suggestion. In addition, our business is changing day by day, making it possible to respond flexibly.

  • Shin Kubota , MIUMI

    Shin Kubota , MIUMI

    managing director

    We are a Japanese food trading company founded in 2016 with parent companies abroad.

    We request S-LINK Partners because they can understand subjects in English, they are well versed in Japanese accounting methods, which are different from those in other countries, and their staff always gives us detailed advice.
    We have been working with you since the establishment of our company.

    We can leave our company in good hands because we have a tax accountant who understands our company.

  • Shinsuke Mori , JetSynthesys

    Shinsuke Mori , JetSynthesys

    CEO, Japan Branch

    JetSynthesys is a company headquartered in Pune, India, that offers a variety of solutions, including game development, and provides low-cost, high-quality support for a wide range of requirements, from partial outsourcing needs such as engineering resources and 3D graphics to outsourced operations and collaborative development. I was introduced to the company by an acquaintance.

    I was introduced to S-LINK Partners by an acquaintance at a previous job and requested their services. The fact that S-LINK Partners could provide support in English was a deciding factor.

    As a foreign company such as ours, English-language support is a must, and the fact that they communicate directly with our head office has been very helpful. We have been working with S-LINK Partners for a long time now, and they have been very flexible in handling our various projects, and their fees are very reasonable.

  • Dawn Yip, Jean Yip Developments, Singapore

    Dawn Yip, Jean Yip Developments, Singapore

    Executive Director

    Established in Singapore back in 2002, Jean Yip Developments (JYD) has placed a mark on the world map as a property developer in luxury real estate developments of premium boutique properties. Based in Singapore, JYD specialises in developing and managing quality residential, commercial and industrial properties in regions such as Japan, Australia, and Singapore, and thus requires a strong and reliable team to handle our foreign accounts.

    S-Link Partners have been our trusted accountant since 2018, the founding of our overseas branch in Japan. Being fluent in English has eased the process as clear communication has been one of the key factors affecting our decision in appointing them for their services.Thanks to Mr. Suga and Ms. Toki, our experience working with S-link has been nothing short of efficient, proficient, and with timely delivery of our requirements. The consistent display of professionalism and pride they take in their work allows us to have the confidence to operate while abroad.

We are a reliable partner to maximize your business.