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We are a professional partner to lead your business success.


【1】Achieving our clients success while promoting our professional and personal development at the same time.
【2】Strengthen bonds among our members and become the most attractive accounting firm in the eye of employees.


Co-creation of a brighter future.

We do our best to help everyone involved with us to fulfill and realize their brighter future.

Our Strength

Our professional services provided timely and reliably.

We do our best to protect and promote growth of your business

Our Strength
  • 1

    Experienced for multinational companies
    No additional charges for multi-lingual service

    We proudly provide Tax Accountant Corporation service
    by multi-lingual staffs. No additional fee is applicable for service in English.
    We receive very good reputation from multinational companies and owners of foreigners.

  • 2

    Cover all different size of business
    From freelance business to listed company

    Our firm’s experienced representative and staffs kindly provide appropriate solutions for issues of your company’s business such as Tax saving, Profit generation, disputes in business.

  • 3

    Corporate set-up support and tax for venture companies
    Consult covered from financing to IPO preparation

    Our firm’s well-experienced representative and staffs in this area kindly help your venture business such as setting up
    business, creating business plan, financing, conducting organization, IPO consultation.

  • 4

    Negotiation with financial institute, producing business planning
    Strength of acquiring subsidies and financing

    We proudly serve for financing activity of your company, such as acquiring bank loan, venture capital finance and
    subsidy application. Your president could be released from cumbersome procedure

  • 5

    Business development into global market

    We kindly assist your business expansion into global market with providing appropriate expansion planning, business setting-up and so on.


Tomohito Suga

Tomohito Suga


  • Certified Public Accountant and Certified Tax Accountant in Japan
  • MBA, Ross School of Business at University of Michigan
  • BA, Department of Economics, Keio University

“We assist your business as your professional success partner”

Our firm proudly provides integrated business management service to support your company growth and business platform. Our services are ranging from Tax Accountant Corporation, working capital management, business strategy, human resource and business development support. We believe that our mission is to give critical assistance to boost up your business and to build up future vision together with your company’s management.
Please feel free to contact us for any inquiry to start working for your success.
(The initial consultation is free of charge.)

Tomohito Suga

Our Member



    Partner / Tax Accountant



    Principal / CPA



    Manager, Completed four parts of the tax accounting examination

    I have over 19 years of accounting and tax experience with an accounting firm. I have experience with audits and proposed amendments to tax returns, am familiar with the Japanese tax system, and can prepare financial statements in accordance with IFRS.
    I am also able to build good working relationships with clients, auditors, and tax authorities.





2 minutes walk from Kojimachi Station (Tokyo Metro YURAKUCHO Line)
7 minutes walk from Hanzomon Station (Tokyo Metro HANZOMON Line)

We are a reliable partner to maximize your business.